dog socialization

TO LEASH OR NOT TO LEASH…. THAT IS THE QUESTION It is raining and cloudy – a typical Vancouver morning in the fall. I am happy as I am about to take my dog out and these kinds of mornings are often quiet. My time with my dog is my ‘zen’ time; I love to […]

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So you want to get a dog

What woman in her 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s doesn’t want to get a dog? Okay, lots don’t, but there are a lot who do. Here are my tips if you’re thinking of getting yourself a dog or puppy. There is so much to getting a dog, I could write a book on it. (And […]

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I LOVE dogs. Many years ago, in my 20s, I adopted a husky/shepherd from my local animal shelter. I just had a break up, and woke up one morning and decided I was either going to scratch the money together and talk my friends into going to Las Vegas with me (I was a student […]

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