THE BEST Ethical living store!

First, whenever I go to buy something I look to see where things have been made. I always figure the ‘best’ way to live ethically is to buy ‘made in Canada’. (Has anyone watched ‘American Factory’ on Netflix? Yikes- people in China working incredibly long hours!). Next, PLASTIC. UGH- so much plastic out there. I love shower gels, hair shampoo, and hair spray. Deodorant? I was almost willing to go smelly as I couldn’t stand all the plastic. And then …. I found the refill stop-

The refill stop is located in New Westminster, B.C. across from the skytrain station on Carnarvon. It is located close to Douglas college.

I swear, it changed my life! They have shampoo, shower gels, hair spray, and my absolute favourite-

The unfurl wellness deodorant is the BEST. And it is made by a small business owner. Actually, by buying at this ethical store, you support a small business run by women. Incredible! This is as ‘ethical’ and ‘healthy’ as it gets.

There is also dishwashing liquid, cleaners, and even better…..records!! For us 50ish year olds… that is the best. If you live in the lower mainland of B.C., I invite you to visit this wonderful store. If you live within Canada, you can order from them. They are simple fabulous!

Photo by Sarah Chai on