parenting teens is the best

I know that many won’t agree with that title. I hear many older-age parents talk about missing the days their children were younger, and they did arts and crafts or played scrabble with their kids. Sure, once in a while I miss those times, but it’s intense too. I don’t miss driving through traffic to get kids from daycare, or paying for daycare for that matter. I don’t miss temper tantrums, or setting up play dates or birthday parties. I enjoy my teens growing into young adults with their own thoughts, their own personalities and their own interests. I enjoy some more ‘me’ time too as they independently go off into the world. Yes, I worry when they go out, but they always know my husband and I are there to pick them up and thankfully there are cell phones for when they need us.

Yes, once in a while sorting through friends and first jobs gets intense. I still feel great happiness when I watched my son graduate high school, and my daughter pick out her classes for her grade 11 year. The positive of being in my 50s? It is getting to sit back and be proud of the hard work of the earlier years of parenting. It is a big treat! What are your favourite ages to parent thus far?

parenting teens is the best

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I am a teacher in the lower mainland, juggling teens and living ethically...

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