I LOVE dogs. Many years ago, in my 20s, I adopted a husky/shepherd from my local animal shelter. I just had a break up, and woke up one morning and decided I was either going to scratch the money together and talk my friends into going to Las Vegas with me (I was a student at the time), or I was going to go get a dog. I opted to get a dog. My shelter dog got me out of my basement suite, into regular walks and meeting people. Ironically, I later met my husband through that dog. By the time my shelter dog had passed away, I was married with two young children.

After grieving for many months when my shelter dog passed away, I decided my next dog would be a labrador retriever. I am a big proponent of getting a shelter dog, however this time I decided to go to a reputable breeder. (i.e., NOT a puppy or dog off of Kijiji). I wanted a dog who did not mind if my daughter and her friends played ‘veterinarian’ and wrapped my dog up in toilet paper. I wanted a dog not traumatized by the attention my two children would give him or her. When I needed a break from kids, I would announce to my husband, ‘I need to walk my dog!’ Molly has been patient and kind and given me much needed alone time.

Now, that my kids are teens, I find myself often doing the same- between coming home from work, and talking to to my teens, I need a little break. Molly is 12 years old and I love her. Thank you Molly for giving me space, love and exercise!

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I am a teacher in the lower mainland, juggling teens and living ethically...

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