Welcome to your 50s!

Whether you’re a mom or mom to be, if you have teens or tweens or babies…or maybe pets are your ‘thing’, I hope you will enjoy my blog! If you are trying to live ethically, I have product suggestions, or at least rants about how much plastic there is out there!! Welcome and enjoy.

dog socialization

TO LEASH OR NOT TO LEASH…. THAT IS THE QUESTION It is raining and cloudy – a typical Vancouver morning in the fall. I am happy as I am about to take my dog out and these kinds of mornings are often quiet. My time with my dog is my ‘zen’ time; I love to […]

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So you want to get a dog

What woman in her 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s doesn’t want to get a dog? Okay, lots don’t, but there are a lot who do. Here are my tips if you’re thinking of getting yourself a dog or puppy. There is so much to getting a dog, I could write a book on it. (And […]

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I can’t say it enough: we need affordable childcare for families in the lower mainland! (well, everywhere it is needed, but given I live in the lower mainland, this is where I am concentrating my efforts). I often joke with my younger colleagues at work about how I have ‘PTSD’ just thinking about the days […]

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I am a teacher in the lower mainland, juggling teens and living ethically...

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